Run. Teach. Eat. Repeat.

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I run. I teach. I eat. I do some other stuff. Sometimes.

I'm a TA looking for a job teaching high school English and recently completed my first half marathon.

I like books, cooking, theater, hockey, and singing in the shower (or at church sometimes).

This day was wonderful from the get-go. How could it not be, with a sunrise like that to start it out? (Note: not my picture. I don’t actually live IN the city. But we still got it out here in the surrounding areas!). 

The plan called for an easy two miles on the treadmill. After learning my lesson last week, I paid attention to the whole “easy” thing. A little pain in my shins, but the treadmill always does that to me, and it went away almost immediately after I stopped. Followed by a quick workout - the gym was PACKED and I had to wait a while for some machines, plus I ran into an old friend, so I skipped around a bit. Passive-aggressive side note: it is not okay for you to dart over to the machine I’ve been waiting for and cut in front of me. Not. Cool.

Then I came home and combined two of my favorite recipes to make Parmesan crusted tilapia (yes, I know “tilapia” is just a way of making “scungy bottom feeder” sound more appetizing). WW pasta plus protein plus fresh basil and tomatoes = YUM.

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